SheekChic Mood for the week

Hey guys! So I’m presenting you with my very first installment in my “Mood for the Week” posts; since I’m a very very visual person, I can often represent my style or aesthetic best through pictures instead of just words.


Here’s a peek into my mind for this week:


Kaia Gerber

Very chill, very cozy….

Image Source


This is literally one of my dream outfits, I will definitely wear this outfit several times this season, so many heart eyes

*Also must admit, I miss Kylie Jenner’s 2014/2015 grunge phase when she had the shocking teal tips on her raven locks; that would be my forever hair color if it weren’t for BLEACH + black hair just not mixing

Image Source



Boxer braids are just that hairstyle that goes with so many different looks for so many different outfits; you can dress an outfit up or make a casual tee and leggings look so effortlessly cool with this look.

Image Source


Hailey Balwin

I love the cool, bluer tones of this whole ensemble, it’s just perfect for those foggy October days man. I’d simply add some medium-sized gold hoops to bring the outfit the teensiest bit of warmth.

Gold Hoops:

$12 Urban Outfitters

Image Source/Website 


This WHOLE outfit, with the belt, the necklaces, the fuzzy sweater, and a fun twist with denim shorts, I’m utterly obsessed.

*Thankfully, you can find this amazinggg sweater at the Australian boutique of your dreams, Tigermist

$48.97 Tigermist Polly Jumper

Image Source/Website

*Also feel free to check out this amazing cutie Belle Lucia, her Instagram is full of awesome beauty shots with amazing lighting

Belle Lucia’s Instagram

Hairspiration of the Week

carre otis

Carre Otis with those effortless 90’s mermaid-like waves, this is my ideal hair length and I just adore the hair volume and thickness that became such essential pieces of  90’s culture.  I will forever be one of those people that idolizes this look over any Keratin treatment or Brazilian blowout, even if they’re the “hot new trend” of the decade. It’s something about effortless waves/curls that just inspires me!

Image Source

Mermaid waves:

$4 Garnier Fructis Style Wonder Waves Enhancing Spray

Image Source/Website


Do you have curly hair? It is not a problem, as you can easily curl your beautiful tresses for a look that is totally feminine and pretty. #hairstyle #haircolor #haircuts #NaturalCurlyHair

Now THIS is what I call a lion’s mane

Image Source


SheekChic Favorite of the Week

Carré Otis for Calvin Klein Jeans 1991 Campaign by Bruce Weber

Carre freaking Otis, the ultimate cool-girl/ biker-chic 90’s supermodel, as well as my lifelong fashion muse/inspiration! If someone wanted to ask me what a classic Arin Abasi outfit was, this would be in the top 5, I’m most comfortable in tomboyish, yet fashion-forward outfits that are very form-fitting/curve-hugging, to still keep it cool but with a feminine silhouette.

*Fun fact about me: I’m known for sitting exactly like this at: family functions, department stores, people’s homes, literally anywhere and having zero shame whatsoever.

SheekChic Favorite Item of the Week

I simply need these jeans, and ONLY these jeans in my life, now if only I knew where on earth to find them….hmmm

Image Source


Hugs and Kisses!!!

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Come one, come all! Thank you so much for stopping by! My name is Arin Yasmine Abasi and I'm 22 years old, currently attending the University of Georgia for Fashion Merchandising. My life is always full of energy coming from a very large family with 4 younger siblings and being Nigerian where everyone is your cousin or your aunt (even if you don't know them). I'm a senior at the University of Georgia and I cannot wait to dip my toes into the world of beauty and everything cosmetics in general once I graduate in the spring of '20! Here's a peek into my multi-colored, rainbow universe, filled with tons of excitement and color!!

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