Trend Forecast for Spring/Summer 2019

  1. Feathers
Feathers are making a statement regarding fabric texture, by adding a fun and sophisticated twist to your favorite blouses and dressy ensembles!

2. Animal Prints

Image result for snakeskin outfits
Following a recent revival of the flashy early 2000’s fashion era, animal prints have made the ultimate comeback in full force, now seen on: hats, purses, pants, shirts, and shoes. This print is the perfect way to make a daring statement while still appearing chic!

3. Yellow

The BIGGEST color this season, and perhaps this year, is definitely yellow! It has seen a recent explosion on all fashion runways from Oscar de la Renta (as shown here) to Marc Jacobs and Givenchy, and it has also been widely accepted in street style as well, making it a permanent staple.

4. Neon

Related image
Along with the retro revival of animal prints and the wave of bright and vibrant yellow, we also have seen the comeback of neon shades: blues, pinks, oranges, and greens, reminiscent of the 80’s color explosion. This will be the trend I look most forward to seeing, because it’s such a bold fashion statement, and it is certain to turn heads wherever you go!



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Come one, come all! Thank you so much for stopping by! My name is Arin Yasmine Abasi and I'm 22 years old, currently attending the University of Georgia for Fashion Merchandising. My life is always full of energy coming from a very large family with 4 younger siblings and being Nigerian where everyone is your cousin or your aunt (even if you don't know them). I'm a senior at the University of Georgia and I cannot wait to dip my toes into the world of beauty and everything cosmetics in general once I graduate in the spring of '20! Here's a peek into my multi-colored, rainbow universe, filled with tons of excitement and color!!

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