Trend Predictions for Spring/ Summer 2020

  1. Psychedelic Prints
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1. With the sudden comeback of 70’s hippie fashions: flowy bohemian tops and flare jeans, etc. I definitely predict that the psychedelic, mismatched prints and patterns characteristic of the 60’s, will become huge within the next year. This will also follow the trend of bold, neon colors and prints that has been growing at a fast pace this spring/summer 2019.

2. Graffiti Fashion

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To go along with the theme of bold colors and daring fashion statements, graffiti fashion, prominent in street style with metropolitan areas, will make its way to the mainstream. Edgy individuals wishing to send a message with their style choices will sport, graffiti-styled denim, leather, hats, and even shoes.

3. 80’s Graphic Art

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My spring/summer predictions for 2020 are heavily influenced by the bold, abstract trends of the 80’s; therefore, I expect to see a revival of 80’s graphic art and symbols making appearances on: t-shirts, bags, dresses, and jewelry/accessories.

4. 70’s Disco Fashion

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There has already been a 70’s revival for spring/summer 2019, with the prevalence of flare jeans, gaudy earrings, flowy bohemian tops, etc. so I think this trend will only progress and gain more momentum for spring/summer 2020. With bold colors and prints already making a statement, 70’s sequins and bedazzled ensembles will surely be seen on the red carpet and in metropolitan areas.



Trend Forecast for Spring/Summer 2019

  1. Feathers
Feathers are making a statement regarding fabric texture, by adding a fun and sophisticated twist to your favorite blouses and dressy ensembles!

2. Animal Prints

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Following a recent revival of the flashy early 2000’s fashion era, animal prints have made the ultimate comeback in full force, now seen on: hats, purses, pants, shirts, and shoes. This print is the perfect way to make a daring statement while still appearing chic!

3. Yellow

The BIGGEST color this season, and perhaps this year, is definitely yellow! It has seen a recent explosion on all fashion runways from Oscar de la Renta (as shown here) to Marc Jacobs and Givenchy, and it has also been widely accepted in street style as well, making it a permanent staple.

4. Neon

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Along with the retro revival of animal prints and the wave of bright and vibrant yellow, we also have seen the comeback of neon shades: blues, pinks, oranges, and greens, reminiscent of the 80’s color explosion. This will be the trend I look most forward to seeing, because it’s such a bold fashion statement, and it is certain to turn heads wherever you go!